REV Digital is an approved Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partner. We have been in business since 2005 and work with over 700 Dealers as well as multiple OEM brands. We offer many different dealer services and Facebook Marketplace is just one of them.

Facebook has over 2.2 Billion Monthly Active Users. It is the 3rd most popular website behind Google and Youtube. Consumers use Facebook Marketplace to shop. Simply put, you need to be there. There are no per-vehicle listing fees and there is no extra effort required by your staff.

We take your inventory feed from your website provider and automatically submit this on Facebook Marketplace. We work with all the top website providers and make sure your inventory is refreshed daily.

The next step is where we request partner access to your business page. All you have to do is confirm the request.

Within 24 hours of granting us Partner access to your page, your inventory will be live on Facebook Marketplace.

Below are a couple example ads:

Facebook Messenger Examples:

We also add a tracking phone number on all your listings so that if anyone calls it, we know where the call came from. All calls are also recorded as well.

Whether you are a motorcycle, atv, snowmobile, personal watercraft, boat, or RV dealer, we can help with Facebook Marketplace.


REV Digital helps powersports dealers, motorcycle dealers, ATV dealers, personal watercraft dealers, boat dealers, and RV dealers push their inventory to Facebook Marketplace. Getting your dealer inventory on Facebook Marketplace is easy working with REV Digital, a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner. We are the only Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partner specializing in non-automotive vehicles. We can typically have a dealer live on Facebook Marketplace the same day. The biggest delay happens when a dealer does not approve the Facebook partner request. Give us a try! Everything we do has no setup fees and a month-to-month agreement.